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Tourer-Tek Ltd Caravan Towing Services Terms and Conditions.

Within the terms and conditions of Tourer-Tek Ltd the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

Tourer-Tek Ltd, Cornwall Caravan Towing Services, CCTS, Our, We, Us, refers to Tourer-Tek Ltd
Cornwall Caravan Towing Services is a trading name of Tourer-Tek Ltd.
The term Customer, You and Your refers to the person / business who's the registered owner of the Vehicle and named at the time of Booking or the person / business acting on behalf of the registered
owner and named at the time of Booking.
The term Agent refers to the person / business acting on behalf of the registered owner and who is appointed in releasing or receiving the Vehicle to Tourer-Tek Ltd
The term Parties means Tourer-Tek Ltd and the Customer, and ‘Party’ means either.
The term Booking refers to the request by the Customer for the transportation of any Vehicle from
its Collection Address to Delivery Address which is also subject to acceptance by Tourer-Tek Ltd within its terms and conditions.

The term Vehicle refers to the following: Caravan, Trailer, Car, Van, Motorbike, Quad, Trike, Boat, Jet-ski or any object carried upon our trailers which is named at the time of booking.
The term Modified Vehicle refers to any Vehicle which is not of the manufacturers standard specification. This regards to any vehicle that has been altered in height, width or length, this includes any changes to the appearance of the Vehicle or any Item attached which are not of the manufacturers standard specification.
The term Service refers to the transportation of any Vehicle, Maintenance or Set-up service conducted by Tourer-Tek Ltd.
Collection and Delivery Address refers to the given addresses provided by the Customer at the time of Booking for collection and delivery of the Vehicle.
The term Manifest refers to a completed form listing the contents of a vehicle that will be transported across any border within European Union or to and from the UK, Europe and Ireland
The term Fee(s) refers to the price(s) for Service or Services provided by Tourer-Tek Ltd.
The term Additional Service Fee refers to any additional cost(s) which will be payable by the Customer to Tourer-Tek Ltd for an additional service(s) or unforeseen circumstances during transportation of any Vehicle.
The term Vehicle Release Fee refers to a fee that the Customer may have to pay to an Agent for discharge of the Vehicle.
The term Vehicle Condition Report refers to an appraisal and recorded state of the of the vehicle conducted by Tourer-Tek Ltd which is recorded upon an official document which will be agreed and
signed for by Tourer-Tek Ltd and Customer / Agent upon Collection and Delivery.

Claims and Losses
The term Claims refers to all claims, proceedings, liability, penalties and fines whether criminal or civil in contract.
The term Losses refers to all losses including without limitation, financial losses, damages, legal costs and other expenses of any nature.

Our Terms and Conditions
1. Upon agreement of quotation and acceptance of service we will forward you a completed booking form along with our Terms & Conditions to be signed by you and returned to us prior to the date of the service, this forms a contract of the agreed Service(s) to be carried out by Tourer-Tek Ltd. The booking form will clearly show the Description of service(s), FULL Collection and Delivery Address of the Vehicle, Make and model of vehicle, Contact details of customer and the total cost for the work to be carried out.
 A deposit of 20% for all UK work and 40% for all European work must be paid before the booking can be confirmed. Final payment of the outstanding balance must be received on or before the transportation date for all UK work and seven days prior to collection for all European work. All payments must be cleared before any service commences, cash payments are only accepted upon
collection unless Tourer-Tek Ltd agree other cash payment terms prior to collection.
2. Any booking made with less than 72hrs before collection for UK work and seven days for European work then balance must be paid in full at time of booking unless Tourer-Tek Ltd agree
to other terms for cash payment.
3. Payments can made by Debit/Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cash.
*Please note if you pay by credit/debit card or via PayPal these methods of payment are subject to a £5.00 service charge and will be shown on your invoice*.
4. Any notification of cancellation must be received at least 72hrs before the collection of any Vehicle, any monies paid to Tourer-Tek Ltd will be refunded. If the cancellation has not been
received by Tourer-Tek Ltd within 72 hours of the collection of vehicle no refund will be given.
5. Cancellation of European work. Any notification of cancellation must be received at least 72hrs before the collection of any Vehicle, any monies paid to Tourer-Tek Ltd will be refunded minus the cost of any ferries and overnight accommodation that has been pre-booked. If the cancellation has not been received by Tourer-Tek Ltd within 72 hours of the collection of vehicle no refund will be given.
6. Vehicles for transportation must be in a roadworthy and serviceable condition. Electrics and tyres must comply with current legislation. Tourer-Tek Ltd employees have the right to refuse to tow any vehicle which is deemed to be in an un-roadworthy or serviceable condition at the point of collection. Any decision to tow, or not to tow the vehicle will solely be at the discretion of the driver employed by Tourer-Tek Ltd. No refund of any monies paid will be given if the driver deems the vehicle not to be roadworthy or serviceable. A full report will be given and digital photographs will be taken as evidence of the vehicle being unfit to tow. If the vehicle can be repaired by our driver of by a third party additional charges of service or waiting time will apply and must be paid before original service will resume.
7. Electrics should be N/S 7pin or EU 13 pin type our tow vehicles are equipped for both types.
8. Caravans and trailers to be towed must not exceed 3500kg total laden weight.
9. Caravans must not exceed 2.3 metres wide and 7 metres in body length ( *does not include A frame and coupling head*). If upon collection the caravan is found to exceed these dimensions the work will not be undertaken, and there will be no refund of any monies already paid to Tourer-Tek Ltd. For touring caravans that exceed these dimensions please note we have facilities to tow these caravans but this must stated at time of booking as we will not be using our standard tow vehicles for the towing of oversized touring caravans.
10. Upon collection Tourer-Tek Ltd will carry out a full appraisal of the vehicle and complete a Vehicle Inspection Report recording any damage. Photographs and a video will also be used to record any damage as evidence. You/Agent and Us will assess the condition of the Vehicle together and both will sign the report upon completion of appraisal. Where You/Agent disagree to the report and refuse to sign the Vehicle Condition Report We reserve the right cancel the Service. Upon the event of refusing to agree to the condition report and service is cancelled You/Agent must send clear photographic evidence justifying the cause and reason of Your/Agent’s disagreement to Our email address within 24hrs. If the service is cancelled due to You/Agent disagreeing to the report and You/Agent fail to send clear photographic evidence within 24hrs no refund will be given.
11. Upon Delivery of the Vehicle, Tourer-Tek Ltd will present You/Agent the Vehicle Condition Report that was completed and signed by both parties upon collection and both Tourer-Tek Ltd and You/Agent will carry out another full appraisal of the Vehicle comparing the condition and sign the Vehicle Condition Report accepting the condition and acceptance of the Vehicle. Digital photographs and video will be taken upon delivery before the vehicle is detached from our tow vehicle. In the event You/Agent refuse to sign the Vehicle Condition Report You/Agent must must clearly state reason(s) for refusal on the section provided within the Vehicle Condition Report. You also agree that if you're not present at delivery an Agent will be appointed to accept the Vehicle on your behalf. Once the Vehicle has been
detached from our tow vehicle at the delivery point Tourer-Tek Ltd are no longer responsible for the Vehicle and will not be held liable for any Claims or Losses arising from or in relation to any loss or damage to the Vehicle after the vehicle becomes detached from our tow vehicle.
12. Once the vehicle has been collected and prior to departure We will arrange an estimated time of arrival at the delivery point with You or Agent who has been appointed to accept the vehicle on your behalf. Regular travel updates will be provided en-route notifying progress or any change to arrival time due to unforeseen circumstances. Tourer-Tek Ltd will not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstance outwith our control, You/Agent must be available upon Delivery of the Vehicle within a reasonable period of time, where You/Agent are not present at the Delivery Point within a reasonable
period of time or where You/Agent have failed to respond to Our contact once en-route and fail to be present at Delivery Point within a reasonable period of time then You agree that We will not be held responsible and deliver the Vehicle at our discretion to either a suitable parking/storage location or to Our premises whichever causes minimum disruption to Our schedule for Your/Agent’s collection.
You agree that in the event of You/Agent not being present at the delivery point and where We have to deliver the Vehicle to either a parking/storage location or return to Our premises You will pay to Us an Additional Service Fee. The Additional Fee will include the cost of transport from the agreed delivery point to either a suitable parking/storage location or to Our premises. You will also agree to a Vehicle Release Fee covering the cost of storage of the Vehicle and the cost of transport back to the agreed delivery point if You/Agent don't collect the vehicle from the point of storage. The Vehicle will not be released to You/Agent until the Additional Service Fee and Vehicle Release Fee have been paid in full by You/Agent.
In the event of no suitable storage location being found locally or deemed to far and unsafe for the driver to travel back to our premises then the driver will find a suitable parking location to wait with the vehicle subject to our schedule allowing the driver to wait, You will agree to pay Our Additional Service Fee covering all waiting time and sustenance for the driver. The Vehicle will not be released to You/Agent until the Additional Fee has been paid in full by You/Agent.
In the event of the driver having to leave the agreed delivery point with the vehicle due to You/Agent not being present Tourer-Tek Ltd will not be held responsible for any Claims or Loses arising from or in relation to any loss or damage to the Vehicle after the vehicle leaves the agreed delivery point.
13. Any unforeseen costs incurred by Tourer-Tek Ltd during transportation of caravans, trailers or vehicle will be met by the customer and must be paid in full before the release of such vehicle.
14. Any service performed by Tourer-Tek Ltd or the transportation of any customer’s caravan or trailer will be at the discretion of a Tourer-Tek Ltd employee. It's our policy that all caravans/trailers will be inspected prior to hook up. If an employee of Tourer-Tek Ltd deem the caravan /trailer unfit to tow digital photographs and video will be taken as evidence, the Service will be cancelled and any monies paid to Tourer-Tek Ltd won't be refunded.
15. It's our policy all caravans/trailers must have a spare wheel fitted with a road legal tyre, we carry all tools necessary to change the wheel. If there's not a spare wheel for the caravan/trailer or the spare tyre is defective/illegal we will still tow but any unforeseen costs incurred by Tourer-Tek Ltd during transportation will be met by the customer and must be paid in full before the release of the
16. We won't accept any responsibility for the following damage on either caravans or trailers.
I. Any damage to or blow out of tyre(s)
II. Any loss or damage caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown or derangement.
III. Any loss or damage caused by wear and tear or gradual deterioration.
IV. Any loss or damage caused by rust, oxidation, discolouration, scratching, chipping, denting or bruising, or the cost of repainting.
V. Any damage caused to caravan or trailer from tyre blow out.
17. Customs and Government Agencies:
You/Agent will not store or place any item(s) or substance(s) with the Vehicle where possession or importation of any such item(s) or substance(s) to a country or countries where our service travels to or from is illegal or prohibited.
You/Agent must not place any goods within vehicle for importation to a country or countries our service travels through that are taxable.
There are no tax allowances for You if you are not travelling with the Vehicle. Before Tourer-Tek Ltd travel with your vehicle You agree that the importation of the Vehicle into any country or countries to which Our Service travels to through is legal and that you agree to complete a Manifest of Items stored within the Vehicle which would not normally be associated with the Vehicle in question.
Customs and Government Agencies Domestic and Foreign have the right to enter and search, move, damage, dismantle or confiscate items within the Vehicle or confiscate the whole vehicle which also may include our tow vehicle. They are not obliged to declare their actions, although they would have a justifiable reason to do so. Tourer-Tek Ltd will not be held liable for any Claims or Losses arising from search or seizure of Your vehicle under legal process. You/Agent will be held responsible in the event our tow vehicle is damaged, dismantled or seized due to items removed or confiscation of Your vehicle under legal process. Any costs incurred for the release of or damage to our tow vehicle due to the removal or confiscation of your vehicle will be met by You/Agent.
18. Tourer-Tek are insured for the transportation of caravans and trailers which includes all permanent internal fixtures and fittings. The policy does not cover any additional contents. We won't be liable for any Claims or Losses arising from or in relation to loss of or damage to the Vehicle by any circumstances beyond Our reasonable control, including
but not limited to: 
Act of God, the effect of ionising radiation or uncontrolled nuclear reaction, act of war, hostilities, or riot or civil commotion.
Where We are unable to assess any parts of the Vehicle during the appraisal and report on such parts on the Vehicle Condition Report 
We won't be liable for loss of or damage to those parts or where damage is caused by a stone (or anything similar) during our tow Service.
We won't be liable for any damage that is unavoidable and beyond our control or any damage due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, defect, derangement or any inherent fault of the vehicle.
We won't be liable for any damage due to search or seizure under legal process.
We won't be held liable for any damage which occurs to the vehicle whilst the Vehicle is in the care and control of a parking/storage business where You/Agent were unavailable at delivery Point.
We won't be liable for Your/Agents failure to act on any recommendations provided by Tourer-Tek Ltd to You/Agent under this Agreement or Your failure to comply with applicable law or any breach of Your obligations under this Agreement.
19. Claims Procedure. Any Claim must be made in writing to Us within 24 hours of Delivery.
You must clearly explain your reason(s) why you think Tourer-Tek Ltd are liable and to substantiate Your allegation you must include a description of damage, clear photographic evidence of the damage and all the relevant information about the Vehicle. You must also provide to Us a breakdown of costs for the repair either from an approved repairer of the Vehicle manufacturer or an independent repairer of your choice. If We accept liability for any damage we reserve the right to choice of the repairer.
Upon Our request you must provide to Us any additional information or documentation about the Vehicle or the damage, where We require such information or documentation you must allow Us a reasonable period of time upon receipt of all of the information requested to investigate Your allegation and respond to You.
We won't accept liability relating to any alleged damage or authorise any repair or replacement unless You allow Us to inspect the alleged damaged to the Vehicle prior to repair or replacement.
If We accept liability relating to any alleged damage, only the Director of Tourer-Tek Ltd has the authority to authorise any repair or the replacement in writing to You. No other authority howsoever obtained shall be accepted. Where the director of Tourer-Tek Ltd authorises the repair or the replacement Tourer-Tek Ltd reserve the right to retain ownership of all replaced parts and may withhold payment until these are made available.
We won't be liable for the payment of any costs of any administration performed by any claims management company arising from or relating to damage.
We reserve the right to may make any investigation as We deem appropriate to satisfy ourselves of the validity of any Claim. If it becomes apparent and evidential that a Claim is deemed to be fraudulent, false or intentionally exaggerated We may refuse to pay the whole or part of the Claim to the extent permitted by law and or Our insurers may place a warning on the ‘Association of British Insurers’ database. If such a warning was ever placed it may affect the claimant’s future insurance requirements.
We try to resolve any issues brought to Our attention amicably and soon as possible, please let us know immediately if You are not happy with any aspect of services provided so that
You give Us ample opportunity to resolve Your issue at the time. If for any reason this is not possible or We have been unable to resolve Your issue to Your satisfaction please write to Us
and allow 20 working days for a full response.